AnimeUSA 2012 Review

 Don’t worry, you didn’t step into a time machine! Although this article was posted in the archives in our Review Section on the site a few weeks ago, it wasn’t added to the front page, so i dragged it up here. 🙂



Organization And Staff: 3 rice balls


AnimeUSA’s staff had its ups and downs. on my first day there, I ended up

missing a good chuck of my own panel due to the staff sending me around the

entire convention center in their attempts to direct me to my panel room.

However, as the convention progressed, the staff became more helpful and more



Location : 5 rice balls


This was my second favorite convention hotel- the first being Katsucon’s Gaylord

National Harbor. Being only a train ride away from the white house and DC’s

other main attractions and simply blocks away from multiple restaurants, fast

food establishments , and convenience stores only added to this hotels inherent

beauty and splendor. My only regret was that there wasn’t an indoor pool.


Events: 5 rice balls


Animeusa had a nice mix of events in different fields of geekdom- which is

always one of the main aspects that I look for in a con. I really loved how the

convention held events leading up to the con such as picture contests and their

Cosplay Contest at DC’s Sakura Matsuri.


Overall: 4 rice balls


Overall, I give AnimeUSA 4 rice balls and I look forward to attending next year.

My main suggestion for next year is that the staff is heavily prepped on the

convention center, it’s rooms, and how to get to them.

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