This Just In: DragonCon founder used single mothers to meet victims!



So apparently, DragonCon’s Co-Founder has been using the con to get his fix of little boys! And the scariest thing is, this isn’t new. Edward Kramer, age 51, has been battling these charges since the year 2000. But I guess when the head of your convention is on the lamb for molestation, you don’t exactly send out a press kit about it…Evidence shows that he used the con to meet the first three victims….mothers. That’s right, mothers- Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter states that “He [Kramer] becomes involved in relationships with single parents, single moms, then he molests their sons,”. Via this same pattern, Porter believes, is how Kramer acquired his last victim in 2011, when the authorities found him in a hotel room with a 14 year old boy.Don’t believe me? Click the photo above for the full story- but whatever you do, keep safe!


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