Minami Minegishi… Scandal?

AKB48 has a strict no-dating policy, a policy that Minami Minegishi allegedly ignored on January 17th of this year, when she was caught spending the night at GENERATIONS’ Alan Shirahama’s house. Jpopasia.com states that Minegishi and Shirahama first met each other in 2011 when they co-starred in the reading drama “Moshimo Kimi ga”. The two have remained friends since working together. Because of her actions, Minegishi has been demoted to Kenkyuusei (trainee idols from AKB48. They fill in for absent members in the theater and are promoted to official members of AKB48 to replace graduated members.)

When the word got out of Minegishi’s little sleepover, a weekly magazine scheduled it to be a story in their January 31st issue. Upon learning this, Minegishi shaved her head and created this video where she attempts to hold back tears as she explains the situation to her fans.

I for one, and appalled… this is her punishment for being a woman and using her body? In a translation of the video, she states “I was supposed to be in the position where I always had to act as a role model for the junior members. However, what I have done was such a thoughtless and a lack of self-awareness behavior.” (TokyoHive) She also explained her reason for her new hair style, by saying “Since my mind is still in blank, I did not know what to do or what I can do, but as I just saw the magazine, I could not sit still, so I decided all by myself to shave my head without even telling the members or my agency.”

While understand getting demoted wasn’t an unexpected turn of events, she did void the policy after all, I still feel that this is far from a scandal and was taken way out of hand. What do you think?

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