I wanna try Fugu!

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

Living dangerously, on the edge, pushing the boundaries between life and death, an adrenaline junkie seeking the next jolt. This is how I roll. Every day. All day. Yet a challenge remained untested and chiding me from afar. It was time. Time to face the taunting challenge two and half years in the background.

I picked my wardrobe carefully. Comfortable shoes in which to face an uncertain afternoon. A dress for respectability -and in case Spouse couldn`t find one in which to bury me. A wallet full of cash. I informed the Offspring of my whereabouts for the search party`s starting point in case of my untimely demise.  This time my Wing Man waited at the Shibuya Train Station instead of the car most thought carried a diplomat.

I had chosen to roll a dangerous set of dice.  Could I manage this dangerous Japanese foe and live to blog the…

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