Hydro Silk Razor Review


Ready for a fun fact about me? Well, here it is: I love to wear cosplays that really show off my body, and my favorite parts to show off are my legs. So, before every con- and any general excuse I can find to , I make sure to have smooth legs. So, this month I decided to give Schick’s Hydro Silk Razor a try. I received this Hydro Silk Razor from the company for review, and at  first I was a bit skeptical- I’m more of a Nair girl, and I hate how dry most razors tend to make my skin.  But after giving this a try, I might never go back to Nair again.


               The starter pack comes with one razor, one replacement blade, and a holder for the razor that sticks to your shower walls. Between the Hydro Silk’s five curve sensing blades and its water activated moisturizing serum, I don’t know what’s better. But I do know one thing, and that’s that this razor gave me not only the closest shave I quite possibly have had yet, but also the most effortless one.


Moderately priced and well worth every penny, this razor is a great choice for everyday use- and its size makes traveling with it a breeze. This is a must have for any and all female cosplayers out there.

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