Hello Kittly Contact Lenses Review


Uniqso.com is an online based contact seller. They sell contacts in many different styles, from cosplay contacts, to everyday contacts- and even circle lenses. And if you wear glasses, they also carry prescription contacts. I stumbled upon Uniqso after a friend of mine told me about their Hello Kitty Contacts. The contact lenses are rimmed with the face of Sanrio’s own Hello Kitty.

Although the shipping takes a little while due to Uniqso being based overseas, it was well worth the wait. These contacts are of the perfect thickness- thin enough to be confortable in your eyes, yet thick enough to really showcase the color. And not to meantion the perfect color. I was a little worried that because these contacts were a bit on the novelty side that they would be a bright obnoxious green- luckily I was wrong.  These contacts show as a natural color- making the spectacular rims stand out that much more.

Uniqso has a large assortment of contacts in different colors, sizes, and price ranges. If you order from Uniqso, be aware that they sell their contacts individually, so buy 2 if you want a pair.

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