Katsucon 2013 Review

This year marked my second year of attending Katsucon in National Harbor, DC. From the second I left Katsucon 2012, I impatiently counted down the days until Katsusucon 2013, and even now, I can’t wait until next year!

Location: 5 Stars

            The Gaylord National Harbor is hands down the best convention center and hotel. Not only is it nestled between restaurants and convenience stores with prices from low to moderate- but it’s also surrounded by smaller and cheaper hotels, so you can still enjoy the convention even if you can’t quite afford the Gaylord’s prices. Not to mention- there’s a town in the hotel!

Organization: 5 Stars

            Katsucon has a knowledgeable and helpful staff- one of my favorite things to see at a convention. Not to mention, their schedule was probably the most organized I’ve seen yet. By using an online schedule, attendees were able to see the panels and events ahead of time, plan out their convention days, print out their schedules, and even share a URL that allowed others to see their schedules as well. Attendees were even emailed their schedule each day of the convention as a reminder.

Events: 5 Stars

   Despite National Harbor’s 3am curfew, Katsucon is a 24 hour convention. My favorite aspect of Katsucon’s events and panels is that they’re all great. A lot of conventions have a good amount of GREAT panels and events, but then they add “filler” by placing the “not so great” panels and events in the off times- to be honest, I expected Katsucon to do the same to fill so many hours of the con. However, every panel that Katsucon put its name on was AMAZING.

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