AnimeNEXT 2013 Review

This being my third year at AnimeNEXT, I already knew I was going to love it. And of course, there was no surprise that I was right!


Events: 5 Riceballs

With a wide array of events covering different spectrums of the Otaku and Japanese Pop culture fandoms, 5 riceballs is all i could possibly rate AnimeNEXT. With everything from Japanese Fashion Shows to awesome gaming panels, AnimeNEXT takes the cake!

Organization: 5 Riceballs

Although the convention isn’t near many stores- or anything really at all- the convention’s complimentary shuttles make traveling to stores like Walmart, restaurants, trains, and banks simple, quick and free. And with two hotel close hotel options, you not only have more options when it comes to price, but there’s also a better chance of there still being rooms available in the first place.

Overall: 5 Riceballs

There is no surprise that AnimeNEXT gets a 5, and as long as they keep doing what they’re doing, I can see many more riceballs in their future!

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