Maid Cafe NY Review

This month I visited Chinatown’s new maid cafe, and i was so happy to finally be there! Located right near the Canal train station, the maid cafe couldn’t have found a more accessible location. With menu items that were both reasonably priced and delicious, it was worth every penny. I tried the Chicken Curry, Crepe, and Bubble Tea, and everything was simple, yet tasty and had a great stage presence. The cafe also has a small store section, where they sell medium quality clothing and maid cosplays as well as contacts, tights, and cute accessories.

Overall, I would rate the cafe 4 riceballs. Simply because i know there is so much more that the cafe could do. My suggestions?  Make it into more of a traditional maid cafe where the maids interact with customers! Oh, and get some better quality maid cosplays and clothing. That said, the cafe is a great stop to make if you find yourself in the area, and i look forward to visiting many more times!

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