AnimeUSA 2013 Review

AnimeUSA Review

AnimeUSA 2013 is the first convention that I have attended, just to attend- not for booth work or for press coverage- and it really made me wonder why i don’t go just for fun more! Although I have attended AnimeUSA before, this year definitely was the best yet!

Organization: 5 Riceballs

This year, there wasn’t a single issue that the convention staff could not fix- which is very rare for a convention, in my opinion. The convention schedule was easy to read, and the convention center and hotel was simple to navigate through. And, any time that I asked for directions from staff or volunteers, instead of simply telling me where to go, they would personally lead me to my destination. Crowd control was kept to a reasonable flow, and events started on time.

Events: 5 Riceballs

There was never a dull moment for me at AUSA! With a wide range of otaku panels and events, my day was filled with activities from the moment I opened my eyes!

Location: 5 Riceballs

Within walking distance, you can find multiple restaurants, fast food locations and convenience stores. Not to mention the train is accessible directly outside the hotel! And, the rooms are amazing, well the suites are- and they are definitely worth the splurge. I had a walk in closet, for goodness sakes! 🙂

Dealers Room/Artist Alley: 4 Riceballs

The only thing that I feel AUSA could work on is their Dealers Room and Artist Alley. Both were pretty tiny and not all that interesting.

Gaming Room: 5 Riceballs

I normally don’t rate the Video Gaming room of conventions, but a gaming room this amazing needs to be promoted! With multiple platforms- include throwback consoles and arcade consoles- there was a game for everyone!

Overall: 4.5 Riceballs

I look forward to attending AnimeUSA 2014, and I have no real complaints, as long as they keep up with what they are doing- and maybe increase their dealers room and their artist alley- they can expect me for every year to come!

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