Now You’re Just Some Shirt That I Used To Know



   Hot Topic recently released- only to discontinue- this shirt on their website. Due to civilian complaints, Hot Topic decided that it would be best to simply remove the shirt. Is there a “right way” to cosplay, NO. Every cosplay is great… in its own way. This shirt is only saying what most of us think occasionally, but don’t want to seem egotistical so we keep in side. Now, I’m no amazing cosplayer, but when i started out I was far from where I am now. And I used to always look at egotistical and judgmental cosplayers and think, “I’m never going to be mean like them…” But, as I progressed in this community, I slowly did- just not obnoxiously. When I see a cosplay with hems undone, or with a Halloween store wig, I’ll admit that i will turn to my friends and joke. But not because that person isn’t doing it right, but because I remember when I was that person. I am a strong believer that Hot Topic created this shirt for cosplayers and fans that haven’t quite reached this level of enlightenment. There are still many cosplayers who judge other cosplayers, because their level of experience isn’t that high. They’ve forgotten that they were once like them… hem undone and wig three shades too blue.

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