Tenshi No Ai Winter Ball


 Tenshi No Ai Maid Cafe hosted it’s first official formal ball this month, and to be completely honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Formal events in general are pretty hard to pull off- you’re always only one bad decoration from a horrible middle school prom. However, with beautiful decorations, wonderful performances, and delicious food, Tenshi No Ai blew me away.

Organization: 4 Riceballs

      The ball had it’s little slip ups…. like having people waiting outside- even up to an hour after the event started. But, hey, they should have arrived on time.  All in all, any issues that i noticed during the event were handled in a professional and discreet manner. Maids and butlers were aware of what was happening, and it was obvious that the night was well planned.  Maids and butlers should have taken the entire meal order at once, however, to avoid angry customers who were notified when certain desserts and meal options were no longer available last minute.

Location: 5 Rice Balls

      Located minutes away from Lincoln Center, I couldn’t have asked for a better location! The venue, well not particularly fancy, was large enough to house the event, a small dealer’s section, bathrooms, and changing areas for performers- it even had a stage!

Performances: 4 Riceballs

   With a good amount of performers- most of which i was able to see in their entirety- I loved the entertainment of the night. While the Tenshi No Ai performers, were by far my favorite, the other performers weren’t half bad themselves!



    My least favorite performer of the night. While there were certain parts of certain songs that shone through, a majority of the performance was me trying to hear her voice over the loud music. I feel that this performance could have achieved greater heights by different song choices, a sound check- which I’m guessing there wasn’t one of, and some work on stage presence.


Sneko & Starberry!


I have worked with this group before at many events and seen what they can do… but I was thoroughly disappointed with their performance. Their outfits were not coordinated, and some dancers seemed simply not to care. Sneko is one of my local favorites, and I know her voice can do wonders.She needs to make sure that her background dancers don’t fall too behind. While not my least favorite performance, they were far from the best.



    I have no complaints about any of his songs. The best performers are the ones that feel the songs that they are singing…. Definitely one of my favorites.




    An amazing twin duo, with fabulous dance moves… Need I say more? Their moves are technical and display training and discipline. I could watch their covers any day of the week.



Overall: 4.5 Riceballs

      Overall, I cannot wait until next year’s ball! And to take home the first prize for the mask competition!!!!

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