Anime Boston 2014 Review


I had so much fun this Anime Boston with my best friend! I go to Anime Boston every year press badge or not, and like usual I was not disappointed!

Location: Located in the heart of Mass., Boston is a great place for a con. Walking distance from many convenient stores, malls, and hotels, I can hardly think of a better place to host a convention in Boston. There was even a burger joint that a friend and I went to that had macaroni and cheese on the burger-that’s right on the actual burger!


Guests and Main Events: I have never seen so many amazing attack on Titan and Sailor Moon panels in one convention in my entire life! There was so much going on at this convention that it made it hard to not have anything to do. We spend the whole convention either in amazing panels, watching the hilarious masquerade- complete with obnoxiously funny video breaks and a let it go sing along, or meeting some of our favorite voice actors from childhood.


Staff: I had a very few issues with the staff at Anime Boston and the only real issue I had was quickly handled by the head of the convention in the best possible manner.


Overall: Overall, the convention was amazing and I cannot wait until next year! line control was perfectly handled, organization was at least a nine out of 10, and most of the staff was knowledgeable and understood what was happening around them. I can’t think of a single thing that I would suggest that they change next year and I just cannot wait to by my ticket for 2015!


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