Eternal Con Review


I performed with Rainbow Bubble at Eternal Con and had so much fun! I bought a little bit too much stuff but, it was all worth it and I cannot wait to go to next year’s convention!

Location: you definitely need a car if you’re going to this convention, but besides that the location was a really beautiful one. I’ve never attended a convention hosted in a museum before and it was a nice change of scenery. The only thing negative, was that it wasn’t that close to other stores or hotels-so if you’re not local and if you don’t have a car it’s a little bit difficult to get around.

Organization: I didn’t have a single issue with either the staff nor the organization of this event. There was a wide range of panels and performers and more vendors than I could possibly even remember- selling everything from anime related things to, comics, to pop-culture items! I even bought a Game Boy advance!

Overall: Overall, although comic based conventions aren’t really my thing, I would still definitely attend next year’s convention. There were amazing artists and I really love how they had the convention kind of split up into different parts depending on what you might’ve been there for. For next year I would only advise on if possible perhaps a shuttle to and from the LIRR station close by in case you are not driving , and that would probably be all!

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