AnimeUSA Review

December 15, 2012


Organization And Staff: 3 rice balls

AnimeUSA’s staff had its ups and downs. on my first day there, I ended up

missing a good chuck of my own panel due to the staff sending me around the

entire convention center in their attempts to direct me to my panel room.

However, as the convention progressed, the staff became more helpful and more


Location : 5 rice balls

This was my second favorite convention hotel- the first being Katsucon’s Gaylord

National Harbor. Being only a train ride away from the white house and DC’s

other main attractions and simply blocks away from multiple restaurants, fast

food establishments , and convenience stores only added to this hotels inherent

beauty and splendor. My only regret was that there wasn’t an indoor pool.

Events: 5 rice balls

Animeusa had a nice mix of events in different fields of geekdom- which is

always one of the main aspects that I look for in a con. I really loved how the

convention held events leading up to the con such as picture contests and their

Cosplay Contest at DC’s Sakura Matsuri.

Overall: 4 rice balls

Overall, I give AnimeUSA 4 rice balls and I look forward to attending next year.

My main suggestion for next year is that the staff is heavily prepped on the

convention center, it’s rooms, and how to get to them.

Animinicon Soho 2012 Review

Earlier this month, the Soho Host Club hosted its annual Animinicon Soho at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York, New York. This was my third year attending Animinicon Soho, and I’m glad to say that this truly was the best yet.

Organization 4 Riceballs

I really loved how the convention made the schedule available on its Facebookpage as well as updating the events and vendors using the same social media website. I also appreciated the fact that all of the hosts knew about all theevents during the weekend and were able to answer any questions that you might have had. My only two complaints are that they did not notify guests of event changes and that they opened a bit late. Although these were not HUGE problems,  they are problems that I have faced an ample amount of times throughout the years during the Soho Host Club events

Location 5 Riceballs

The Soho Host Club picked a great place to host their convention. Located in the Big Apple the Soho Gallery for Digital Art is surrounded by numerous stores and restaurants and is very easy to get to by train. Another wonderful thing aboutthe Soho Gallery for Digital Art is that its top floor’s walls are lined with screens featuring different photographs. Each day of the convention, the screens reflectthe theme of the day. This personalization is truly what makes this gallery the perfect place for the convention.

Events 5 Riceballs

This year, the convention had some amazing events. From dance lessons to a panel on how Nintendo conquered America and even-my personal favorite- the Tea Party. Simpl yput, this year the convention outdid itself.

Overall 4.5 Riceballs

I am looking forward to next year’s Animinicon Soho- in fact I’m counting the days. And if you’re looking for a great anime party, then I’d suggest you do the same.

Otakon 2012 Review

This year i attended Otakon after countless friends of mine constantly ranting about how amazing it is. And, to be honest… I LOVED IT!

Organization: 4.5

All of staff members knew where the events were and how either how to help con goers or how to find someone that could- and that is always a big thing for me. And you were able to download the scheduale on your smartphone which made knowing what you wanted to go to and when it was a lot easier. My only complaint was that the map was a bit too simple for such an enormous convention center, which made getting around a bit hard without help.

Crowd Control: 5

With such a gigantic space, the convention- although full of people- wasn’t crowded, which saved everyone the hassle of getting shoved, lost, hot, and of being trapped by the stench of “con-funk”. There were lines for every event and panel, which made getting inside of events much more fair and safer.

Events: 5

There were events to satisfy Otaku from all walks of life- Bronies, Gamers, Cosplayers, Comic Finatics- even Weeabos. The events went smoothly and like i said before, the lines made getting into certain events longer, but there was no skipping line or arguments.


If i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a million times: Otakon was HUGE. At least triple the size of New York Comic Con! Now that i’ve got that out of my system, Otakon had one of the most amazing Convention Centers I’ve ever seen. I think it’s only topped by Katsucon’s. What i really liked about having the convention where they did in Baltimore, was that there were so many hotels around to choose from within walking distance- about 4 of them i believe even connected to the convention center itself.

Overall: 4.5

I loved this convention, and i can’t wait to attend next year- their game room is just amazing! The only suggestions that i have for Otakon are to make a more detailed map, and to lower the prices (many fans that we intereviewed for their oppinion said that the price was a bit of an issue.)

Apple Kissa Beach Party Review

On the 8th, Apple Kissa Maid Cafe teamed up with New York’s other two maid cafes: Moe Moe Honey and Tenshi No Ai to host what was i hoped would be the highlight of my summer. I had immensly high hopes- but i’ll admit that i was a bit let down. The main issue was the organization of the event. There was nothing special happening- no contests, only two games (tug-of-war and limbo), and no performances. There weren’t even any snacks! But more than anything, the event was fun because of the people that you went with and that you knew- not because of the event itself. That said, my main problem with the organization was the lack of maids. There were a chunck of maids from the cafes missing. Although some of them had medical or familiy issues- which i completely understand- a lot of them didn’t, and it upsets me a bit. This was supposted to be an event to bring together all of the maid cafe’s- but it ended up just being a trip to the beach…In the long run, i would attend this event next year. My only advice to the cafes is to put some effort in to making it amazing. Have plans for games and contests, and bring snacks. Most importantly- make sure all the maids are there, maybe even do a performance. I rate this event a 3.5 due to organizational issues. Good Luck next year guys.

Anime Next 2012 Review

This was my second year in a row attending AnimeNEXT- and I’m not surprised at all that I loved it. I spend a whole year anticipating and great con and that’s just what I got.

Organization: 5 Rice Balls

I give AnimeNEXT 5 rice balls for organization this year. All staff members knew what was happening and where and layout was incredibly simple. They strictly enforced lines this year- while it made getting into main events a lot harder and longer- it also made it much safer and the lines less rowdy.

Location: 5 Rice Balls

Located near a variety of hotels to fit your budget- they couldn’t have chosen a better location. The double tree in gorgeous and the Convention center is spacious. The free shuttles that the convention center offered to the train station made getting to the convention a breeze for most of the attendees.

Crowd Control: 5 Rice Balls

The lines made everything so simple. They eliminated crowding and shoving- and of course the classic argument of who was there first. The fact that they utilized not only the convention center and adjoined hotel- but even the hotel across the street- for various panel and events meant that con attendees were spread out throughout all three building- which made it a lot less crowded.

Overall: 5 Rice Balls

Overall, I give AnimeNEXT 5 Rice Balls for amazing service, a simple layout and a great time- not to mention the Double Tree’s free welcome cookies!

Yakiniku West Review

     My favorite restaurant “Hands Down” is Yakiniku West- located on 9th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue in Manhattan, New York. This hidden Lower East Side jewel is a Japanese Barbeque restaurant where you cook your own meat. Now, I love Yakiniku, but you might not. So…. I decided to visit, and give my review.

Presentation- 5 Riceballs

First off, let me say that Yakiniku is beautiful restaurant. From the second you walk in, you feel like you’ve just entered Japan- you even take off your shoes and sit on the floor! But, besides that the food always looks amazing.

Taste- 5 Riceballs

You will not find a better California Roll or Miso Soup anywhere in the Lower East Side- maybe not even in New York. My favorite thing about cooking your own meet is that you even get to season it how you like with a total of six different sauces.

Service- 5 Riceballs

AMAZING! The staff is patient and helpful. The second you run out of water or finish your food a waiter or waitress is right there to assist you.

Price- 5 Riceball

With Yakiniku’s happy hours and sale days you can’t beat their prices. With Yakiniku’s ten dollar minimum, if you go on between Sunday and Wednesday- their sale days- you can get a full meal. And if you get there between 5 and 6 on any day of the week for ten dollars, you get soup or salad, rice, meat and one scoop of ice cream.

MangaNEXT 2012 Review

        This year I had the chance to attend MangaNEXT in New Jersey. After attending its sister con AnimeNEXT I was looking forward to what awaited me. Luckily I was not disappointed.

Location- 4 Riceballs

The hotel that MangaNEXT called home was in the middle of nowhere- although gorgeous. The nearest hotel (besides the one hosting the con) was about 2 miles away and cost about twenty dollars to get to when using a cab. That said, the hotel was small and simple, which made getting around simple.

Organization- 5 Riceballs

I wish that I could find one thing wrong with the organization- but I just can’t. Staff were constantly around making sure that everything when smoothly and each member of staff knew what was going on and where to lead attendees.

Events- 5 Riceballs

Just like AnimeNEXT, there was a big mix of events including anime screenings, model robot building contests and event “ranting” panels. More than anything, all events started on time and were free of problems.

Overall- 4.5 Riceballs

Overall, the only recommendation that I would offer MangaNEXT is to offer a shuttle for convention attendees- seeing as how to hotels shuttle to the train and bus station isn’t free if you weren’t staying on site.

Kido Sushi Review

Queens Center Mall is home to many of my favorite stores- including Morning Glory, Hot Topic, and H&M. But now they’ve added a new amazing restaurant to add to my list of favorites.

Kido Sushi is one of Queen Center Mall’s newest additions. It is a kaiten-zushi- or a conveyor belt sushi restaurant- also called a sushi go round or sushi train! The sushi travels around the restaurant on a conveyor belt and you pick what ever you want off and pay at the end of your meal. Kido Sushi also has bento boxes and even Ramune!

At only two dollars a plate during their happy hour and only two to six dollars at all other times, their prices are hard to match! Not to mention their bento boxes at only around seven dollars! You could easily have a full meal for ten dollars.

Kido Sushi offers a sushi experience unlike any other you’ll find in New York, and you’ll be glad you went.

PAS CON 2011 Review

On December 3rd the Polytech Anime Society hosted Springfest’s sister con- PAS Con… And it wasn’t pretty….

Crowd Control- What crowd? There were maybe 100 attendees- max.

Panels- There was a very limited range of panels- none of which were memorable. As a panelist I was very disappointed in the panel room layout and staff involvement.

Events- the only two events were Sneko’s concert and the Tenshi No Ai maid café- and they saved the convention. Unsurprisingly Sneko’s performance was impeccable and surprisingly the Tenshi No Ai maid café was too. Although they started a bit late, the café was the best that I have attended ever- it even far surpassed Moe Honey and Apple Kissa as far as I am concerned. The only problem with the maid café was the performances- the dancers looked miserable….

Layout- The building layout was horrific! They gave us a schedule- but no map! Room numbers weren’t in order- I even got lost!

Overall- I give this convention a 2 out of 5 rice balls. I was expecting so much more from the host’s of Springfest! However, I believe that next year, with better staff and unlike this time if the convention is advertised more than three weeks before it could get somewhere.

Reni Mimura’s Maid Café Review

It was so weird attending Moe Honey, Reni Mimura’s Maid Café, as a guest and not a maid. I first started at the Maid Café November of 2010, so of course I had to attend at this year’s November show to celebrate my anniversary!

Moe Honey is a great experience for the everyday Anime lover and Convention goer. It offers something the other New York based fan maid cafes do not- a monthly show, the atmosphere and Reni! From the maids to the performances this is everything you think of when someone says Maid Café. Maids even play games with customers!

That said, the fate does have its flaws…. At this month’s show, we waited almost and extra hour to get inside! Also Moe Honey cancelled it free refill policy- an update we were told AFTER receiving our refills. And last, but not least, the price is a little steep for regular people… 15 dollars if you’re not in cosplay plus food. A non-cosplayer could easily spend 30 dollars a show- or well over 300 a year!

Although the café has some flaws- who doesn’t? Make sure to visit Reni Mimura’s next Maid Café! Enter in the Karaoke Contest, Play Moe Moe Janken, and dance and have run! And don’t forget to tell Reni I said hello!

New York Comic Con Review


       This year marks my 2nd year attending the New York Comic Con- my 3rd attending the New York Anime Festival but now that both conventions are combined saying Comic Con rolls off the tongue so much better! Every year it seems that this convention just gets better and better! So, here is’s official New York Comic Con review!


Organization always is the biggest problem for the New York Comic Con, but when you have over 100,000 convention attendees who can blame them! I rate Organization 4 out of five rice balls for panels and events starting late- 2 hours late in the case of the Masquerade, and because many volunteer’s didn’t know what they were talking about when they were directing convention goers.

Floor Plan

The way that ReedPop set up the convention was spot on! Both conventions mixed seamlessly together in the panel rooms and exhibit hall, but each had their own Artist Alleys. The Anime Festival even had its own stage and room with a patio and a gorgeous view! Floor Plan definitely receives 5 rice balls!


Panels and Events

Comic Con receives a five for their events and panels. They had an even mix and Comic Con and Anime Fest panels and gave both new and seasoned panel hosts a chance to show what they’ve got.


Overall, I give the New York Comic Con/ Anime Fest 4.8 out of 5. My suggestion? Brief all volunteers- and make it required that they know- the times and rooms of main events, where the bathrooms are, and understand and can tell attendees rules and regulations. I cannot wait until next year’s convention, and I hope that I’ll

?She?s So Unusual, Lolita in the Media? Panel Review

At this year’s Comic Con, I only attended one panel. That panel was “She’s So Unusual, Lolita in the Media” hosted by Dalin from La Vida Frills . I attended this panel hoping to learn a bit more about Lolita and, more importantly, to try my hand at winning one of the prizes that were supposed to be given away. What I sat through, however, turned out just being just like every other Lolita-based panel- run by an elitist Lolita who thinks that the revolves around Lolita!

I will admit, she gave a LOT of information about Lolita, where it started, and what it is. Her downfall was when she started pointing out celebrities and characters and pointing out how they are NOT Lolita, failed at the attempt, and insulted them- at which point some people started leaving. To top of this panel, she “ran out” of time for the game at the end that was supposed to get you the prize. She instead told my fellow panel goers if they had a card with a heart on it to come up and get a prize. Five friends and myself- and I’m sure many others as well, waited an hour prior to the panel’s start time to be in the front row- so we knew she didn’t give out tickets. Turns out she gave them out during the day before the actual panel. And to Lolita only!!!

It’s panels like this that make it so hard for me to believe how so many panels got rejected while wastes of space like these get accepted. At least this was better than the last Lolita panel I attended…The New York Anime Festival/ New York Comic Con really needs to reevaluate having Lolita panels……

-Photo’s from

Animinicon Soho 2011 Review

Animinicon Soho has come and gone, and i cannot wait until next year. When i first heard that Animinicon was returning to Soho once again, I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much. Well ladies and gentlemen, we all make mistakes. Animinicon Soho is one of the best small scale conventions of its kind.

And now for the break down


4.5 Rice Balls: There weren’t that many events for this convention, this being mainly due to the fact that there is only one room for events. However, the events that they did have were fun, interesting, and informative (well, all except for Brian Mahs presentation that put me to sleep!)

Crowd Control

5 Rice Balls: Unlike last year, there was a bit more crowd control. The chair set up in the event space made sitting and walking threw rows a breeze, and the vendors room table positions made it so that there was space for everyone to see what they needed to see and buy what they needed to buy.


5 Rice Balls: Unlike last year, the organization was up to par. The events followed the scheduale for the most part, and a staff member or host club member always know what and where anything was going on.


5 Rice Balls: The convention is held in a small Soho digital art center. There are only two floors and one bathroom. But somehow, they make it work. It is always clean, and the walls have anime other japanse culture images that alternate throughout the day.


5 Rice Balls: There were a selection of vendors selling crochet ice-cream cones, to lolita outfits, to cosplays, to jewlery ( like the piece above from My Mother’s Beads). I  liked the fact that there was a selection of vendors and of artist all with varying products.


5 Rice Balls: Like i said before, all of the staff members were knowledgable- and that’s always the most important thing to me.


5 Rice Balls: The top floor held all of the events, and the bottom held all of the artists and dealers. It’s a simple layout, that worked perfectly.


4.8 Rice Balls:This convention is only 2 years old, but it is constantly growing more and more each event. I cannot wait for their next event, and more importanly, Animinicon Soho 2012. My only advice for the convention is to perhaps add a few more events and panels. There is nothing bad that i can say about the way that the convention was organized or put together this year.

All Pictures Taken By Jason Linestky

JoJo?s Posing School Review

At this year’s AnimeNEXT, i attended a panel i have never heard of before: JoJo’s Posing School, hosted my ichiP! Well, it was hosted by Laura and Erica. Venus was also in attendance at the panel- although her i’ll admit rude attitude turned me off….

I only attended this panel because it was the panel before Iron Cosplay, and i wanted a good seat, but i’m so glad i did! This planel was full of fun and crazy poses and fun times. It also learned about a new and weird- yet funny manga, game, and anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures.

I rate this panel a 5 out 5 Rice Balls for being fun, interactive, and most importantly informative. It was a twist from the panel i expected, and i look forward to atending it a second time if possible.

AnimeNEXT 2011 Review


               This year marked my first time attending AnimeNEXT….And I am so happy that I did! This was my favorite three day convention yet.

The weekend started off crazy as my friends and I explored the suburbs of New Jersey, but once we arrived at the Hotel, the fun started. After we signed in to the Double Tree ( the convention center and the hotel were linked) we got complimentary cookies- that every single convention attendee totally took advantage of.


          After we check in to our room, I had to run to host my panel. And I couldn’t believe the amount of people in the room! I was equip with everything I asked for, and although my rooms kept getting bigger as I hosted the panel everyday, I had a full room Friday and Saturday- and on Saturday was the Masquerade!

Here’s the hard part…. The review:


5 Rice Balls: As far as panels go, the convention had a wide variety. This is the main thing that makes a convention.

Crowd Control

5 Rice Balls: Although there were many lines, it kept every room, panel, and event uncrowed.


4 Rice Balls: The Organization was something that could have been worked on a bit. Press interviews were not set up and organized as they should have been, and Panel sign-up was a bit unorganized- I ended up finding I wouldn’t be getting reimbursed because I got a press pass- last minute- on the last day.


5 Rice Balls: The convention center was clean and orderly.


5 Rice Balls: This convention had some of the nicest staff members I have ever seen. They made you smile, even when they told you bad news.


5 Rice Balls: The layout was easy to follow, and things were easy to find.


4.9 Rice Balls: The convention was almost PERFECT, except for the slight organization problems in the Staff and Panelist Headquarters.

All Pictures Taken By Jason Linestky

AnimeNEXT Karaoke Contest Review

SO, AnimeNEXT Held a karaoke contest this year, and… I have mixed views… So, here are my top three out of all of the magnificent performers!


As you can see there were many different performers, with no song or cosplay clashes. I can’t quite say that any one performer (or performing group) was my favorite or least favorite. I will however say that I don’t fully agree with the judges.

One of the judges was WAY out of line. She not only hurt a performers feeling by putting her down about not moving around and getting in to the song ( I mean, she was nervous) BUT, she also insulted a performer to his face saying that he shouldn’t have danced the way he did- one of the other judges had to tell her to stop on both occasions.

This said, the thing I disagree with the judges on most is simply the winner…Sneko won the Karaoke Contest! Now, don’t get me wrong, she has a beautiful voice- and I’m sure having her backup dancers take off her clothing didn’t hurt her winning at all. But, she not only entered the contest, she ALSO HAD A CONCERT AND PERFORMED AS A MAIN PERFORMER along side Mario Bueno AT THE MASQURADE!

It should be a rule; professionals should never be in the same boat as regular fans in a contest. It should be common sense… So, please if you read this, keep this in mind for next year’s karaoke contest.

All Pictures Taken By Jason Linestky

New York Comic Con/ New York Anime Festival 2010 Review

I’d love to say that the convention this year was perfect- but sorry Lance and Peter, that would be a lie- and I wasn’t hired to lie. Now, don’t get me wrong the con this year was awesome, and I rate it very highly, but there were a few downsides. For one, putting the cons together made it very, very crowded. With around 100,000 attendees, there was hardly any room to breathe. Secondly due to the combination there was so much confusion. Not only were the attendees confused, but so were the staff. Over the weekend maybe 30 percent of the staff and volunteers knew how to answer me correctly. And lastly- and I know this may be biased, but hey I am an anime lover- the convention was mainlyComic Con. I feel like only 25% of the con was actually NYAF.

Now, I had 3 bad things to say about the con this year…. But I have so much more good things to say about it. There were so many awesome stores, ranging from selling tails, to manga, to comics, to action figures, and even to selling a Bacon Scented Pillow- because everything should smell like bacon,

right? The people who owned the booths were so much fun too! One booth gave me and a friend a free Hell Girl DVD free each, and another running the booth for Best Anime was so much fun that me and my friends couldn’t help but stand there and actually help them advertize by screaming, dancing, clapping and in my case even bending over backwards. I played an awesome game for the wii, called Michael Jackson the Exprience.  I really can’t wait to get that game. Me and a friend even did a Picture scavenger hunt requiring even a picture with a hot dog vendor! The Maid Cafe, though not as fun as last year, was great. And the panels and events were spectacular… for the most part. The best panel for me had to be the Gaia Panel, because it was just so random and fun. And the worst had to be the panel called “Making Lolita Work for You.” I mean, all they did was say how it works for them and the only reason that I stayed was for the raffle. And the best event hands down was the Masquerade. I went into the IGN theatre before the event and attended the Minori Chihara concert , which was great mind you. It was full of glow sticks, a waltz with my friend and Hare Hare Yukai fever. And the Masquerade was even better. Thanks to our awesome press passes we got to sit on the floor right near the stage. There were no bad skits this year. My least favorite was the “Bird is the Word” skit- but only because of the audio. My Favorite had to be the X-men skit because it was just so funny and random. And the skit that left me amazed was without a doubt was the Avatar Skit. The same man who brought us bumble bee at last year’s convention came back with a giant robot costume straight out of Avatar!

A first year con attendee, Aaron Smith Jr. said “the hype that surrounds Comic Con does not disappoint. from the moment I walked in the door to the time I left, I felt as though id entered an awesome dream. One that’s I could leave with some memorable souvenirs.”  However, two seasoned convention goers Alex Kaplan and Desirea Johnson both felt that the convention was over crowded. Alex Stated that he was “Extremely disappointed” because “crowds were horrible crowd control was nonexistent the organization and layout of the place was horrible.” And Desirea said that she believed “that they should not have combined NYAF with NYCC. I just think it was a lot going on all at once and with so many people there it made it harder and more difficult to get into the panels that one would want to see.” And Although Alex is unsure if he attends to attend next year’s convention Desirea “will definitely be attending next year.”

Out of 5 rice balls, I’d defiantly rate the NYAF/NYCC 4.5. And I can’t wait until next year, when I will defiantly go again- press pass or no press pass. The only advice I have for ReedPop, is that they either separate the cons, or change the name. Because the con is not really the New York Anime Festival and Comic Con. It’s really only the Comic Con.

Big Apple Comic Con Volunteer Scandal!!!!


Everyone, here at, we care about you the fans and readers. So, we want to warn you about a HORRIBLE Convention…. BIG APPLE COMIC CON! That’s right, i know we previously promoted the convention, but after volunteering there it is of grave importance that we expose them for what they really are: a bunch of crooks.

Natsuki and her friend Len Kagamine(Yea, that’s the real name- she got it legally changed) Worked for the convention for 11 hours only to be told- at the end of their hours- that they did not do any work and accussed them of stealing tickets. They then told Natsuki that we would recieve press passes, however after entering the convention to recieve those press passes they were harrassed and told to leave!

We are not going to tell you where or where not to go, however we just wanted you to know the type of games that this convention plays…

BAACON 2011 Review

Upon attending Baacon (pronounced Bacon) I had very low expectations. I was told that the convention was going to be horrible and i wouldn’t enjoy it one bit. Boy, was i wrong! This con had so much, and was so much fun. This free con only had one performance- and that was MoeMiru! There was a Who’s Line is it Anyway- and it was so much fun. Natsuki blew the other team away! There was a con suite- i haven’t seen one of those is forever. And eating and drinking contests that were FREE! Unlike Springfest’s Ramune drinking contest. We didn’t get swag bags…. we got a swag table! You heard me right. We had a giant table with manga, posters, and comics for the taking. There even was a Cosplay contest. That Natsuki and her fellow MoeMiru member won!All in all, we rate Baacon a 5 out of 5 for a con it’s size. Although smaller than Springfest… It was better.

Mario Bueno feat. Sneko Concert Review

Last week at Sakura Matsuri, Mario Bueno held a concert- like last year. This year, however, there was a little twist. He had Masahiro and Sneko as special guests! Sadly i was only there for his performance with Sneko .

Mario’s performance was great and flawless- as usual. I love his range and i especially love when he sings “Inori Wa” from Romeo X Juliet!!! *fangirl moment*

Sneko is one of my favorite female cosplay performers. As well as Mario she has a great range and a gorgeous voice. Which is why it was no surprise that the duet between Mario and Sneko took my breath away. It was a surprise to see her group “Chemical X” perform. Chemical X is a group of dancers that Sneko has put together to perform alongside her. While their performance was ulta-kawaii….It lacked quite a lot. And for the first time EVERY, I actually have a slightly negative review… Sneko sung low and of key during parts of the song and there were some slight stage errors.

That being said. I would rate this performance 4 out of 5 riceballs. Sadly, on Sneko’s parts. However, I can’t wait until the next concert!

Uncle Yo Review

One of my favorite comedians alongside Russell Brand, Dane Cook, and Russell Peters is Uncle Yo! He is the only Otaku Comedian worth listening to. His refreshing anime and gaming humor is a breath of fresh air. My favorite thing about Uncle Yo’s performances are that he interacts and isn’t just reading a list of jokes off of a page. Yet, my least favorite thing about his performance is that some jokes are recycled at performances again, and again. I would rate his performance 4.8 out of 5 riceballs due to the recycling of jokes.

iChiP Review

At the Sakura Matsuri one of the performers were ichiP!- or ichigo pantsu (Strawberry Panties.) This was not my first time seeing ichiP, nor will it be my last. They had 2 one hour performances. The first of which being their actual performance and the later of the two being a workshop to teach the crowd a new dance. They had a whole new performance- with new costumes and with dances i’ve never seen them do before- they even did some dances with just two of them! And at their 2nd performance they taught the dance in a way that almost every attendee left knowing all of “Cruel Angel Thesis.” I rate this performance 5 out of 5 riceballs as a whole, and I personally can’t wait for their next performance!

Sakura Matsuri 2011 Review

So, Sakura Matsuri happened A few days ago.. and it was GREAT! I attended both days and enjoyed them greatly. This is only my second year, and once again i am glad to have come.

I hung out mainly in the J-Lounge: where everything  J-pop and Otaku culture happened

The festival had one of my favorite Commedians Uncle Yo!

And a duet of two of my favorite cosplay singers Mario Bueno and Sneko!

I would rate Sakura Matsuri 5 out of 5 riceballs! However, if you are just an Otaku comming to the festival, $30.00 is way to much! Unless you were comming for the culture, Or the culture and the anime side of it, then i would suggest next year that you volunteer or enter the fashion show to get in for free.

NoobieCon 2011 Review

So, I traveled upstate to host a panel and an artist alley table at NoobieCon on April 2nd. The convention was supposed to be one the 2nd and the 3rd, but then they changed it- and boy was that a shame. Because that one day was great! At first things were a little hectic. But them the staff- the most helpful staff that i’ve seen yet. And then… well things got more hectic as a fire alarm went off..But i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t fun- cold, but fun.

Our Panel went..OK. We had about 6 people- because the panel was interupted by the fire alarm and Vic Mignona’s surprise appearance at cosplay chess- however, so far… i enjoyed doing this panel the most! It was small and interactive and we all left having new friends.

After the panel i got drafted into entering the cosplay contest- although i was only cosplaying me- well my vocaloid. And i won 1st runner up!… I’ll post my major derpitude tommorow. And as soon as that was over- I was lucky enough to get an interview with the awesome Vic Mignona!!!!

This convention was a great one- for it’s magnitude. I rate it 4.5 out of 5 riceballs. Only for the sudden change in date, and the SLIGHT organization issues.

Hello Kitty Hello Pretty Polish Review

My newest Nail Polish is Pink Sprinkles From Hello Kitty Hello Pretty’s New Line. I love it because it goes on clear and leave just the tiniest hint of spring sparkles, that catch your eye from the slightes move.  It is 10 dollars at Sephora- which is pretty deep… The saving grace, however- is that i have yet to see a nail polish with these sparkles and with such a beautiful and intricate bottle. So, if you’ve got the money, go for it! If not, don’t save up, just go ahead and buy a $1.00 bottle.

Hello Kitty Yan Yan Review

Next to Pocky, my favorite Japanese snack food is Yan Yan, made by Meiji Seika! It comes in a container with two sections. One holding biscuit sticks (or cracker sticks), and the other housing chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or yogurt flavored frosting to dip the biscuit in. So, when I got the Hello Kitty Version- I was ecstatic! If you like strawberry, Then you’ll probably love this Yan Yan. I don’t particularly like strawberry, so i didn’t LOVE it, but it was good- super sweet though… But yea, totally worth $2.00…If you can find it

Hello Kitty Ramune Review

Ramune is hands down my favorite Japanese Drink! I love the bottle and the taste and just evrything about it! And When i tried the Hello Kitty Strawberry Flavored one, i wasn’t blown away, but i still liked it. Personaly, I’d choose Lychee over Strawberry any day so, i proably wouldn’t get it to drink, but it’s ultra kawaii ^w^!

Hello Kitty Hello Pretty Event Review

A few days ago there was a Hello Kitty, Hello Pretty Event hosted by Sephora Soho. I went in expecting a boring evening, where i’d end up spending loads of money on items i could get on line or in china town for WAAAAAAY lower. However, i left feeling estatic and having had the time of my life.

As i was standing outside of Sephora, i noticed some interestig cars. And i was shocked to relize….

That they were HELLO KITTY CARS!!

When i finally got over the shock, out came pretty Lolitas-All wearing Angelic Pretty (Which i was surprised i knew). They promoted the event, as well as gave us free little surprises along the way.

After waiting in line for about an hour, the event started. There was Jpop playing in the atmosphere, and screams when Yuko Yamaguchi came out and signed one item and a picture of herself for each person!

And last but not least, i got the privilage of getting an iterview with Janet Sue, the President of Sanrio’s Global Consumer Products, whose favorite thing about hello kitty is that she’s “All about Love, Hapiness, and Friendship.” When i asked her, what inspired the collection, her simple answer was that Hello Kitty “Always resinated with a wide age demographic.. and she becomes something for everyone.”

I’d defiantly give this event 5 out of 5 riceballs. Not only was it worth every single penny- that’s right all 4100 of them! But it showed me, that a big company, can care about the people- and the fans. I can’t wait for the next Sephora Event- and the next Hello Kitty one to Come .

Springfest 2011 Review

Springfest was a free one day convention held at Polytech university in Brooklyn NY. (but of course if you read our blog you already know that.) This was our first convention hosting an artist alley table and hosting one of our Otaku on a Budget panels. But thanks to the easy going staff, it was a breeze.

There were quite a few great momements of the con and hardly any bad. The convention- although on a low budget- had many performers and even a maid cafe!

Sneko performed her first big concert with her newly formed group Chemical X.

And MoeMiru performed with Masahiro at their debut concert “Dreamer”

The Tenshi no Ai maid cafe hosted their- you guessed it, Maid Cafe. Although it started out on a rough start, the cafe made a turn for the best- or so i’ve heard. I actually wasn’t able to stay because they moved and started late and i had an artist alley table to run. I hope to see their maid cafe at the Castle Point Anime Convention!

There was a cosplay competition- although the prize was just “bragging rights.” A Miku cosplayer won, although i honestly don’t see why. The Fairy Odd Parent Cosplayers were my favorite!

My rating for Springfest is 4 out of 5 riceballs. The organization was great for a con its size. And they have all the potential of becoming a great con. However, they could have used more events, panels and a known guest.

Summer Wars Review

Summer Wars is a story of a young student name Kenji Koiso, a math genius, who works as a moderator in the online world of OZ, a virtual world where the real world depends on for shopping, e-mail, new, etc. One day he’s upperclassmen Natsuki-Sempai comes in offering a job offer. To come with her to her grandmother’s 90th birthday posing as her “Finance”. He of course agrees. At night he receives a text of massive numbers, a math puzzle. He easily solves it to find out later that he has hacked OZ’s security system. This now puts the world in danger.

Now the Summer Wars overall was a great movie with a great story line and characters in my opinion. The Japanese Dub version when it came out had the critics rolling and the audience cheering. Now will it be the same for the dubbed? Funimation gained license for them to dub the movie in English for all those American otaku’s out there. Now will it be as good? Those who always love are fans and followers of Funimation will probably think it’s spectacular; will the opposite of that crowd be the same? There are otaku’s out there with strong dislike for English dub. Some clips have been posted up on the Funimation’s youtube channel of the English dubbing and it isn’t half bad. Though will the whole movie be?

FIT’s Cosplay Festa

So, on Thursday the 17th FIT held their Cosplay Festa. It was an interestng event, with a lot to offer.

The night started off with a Panel on cosplay. It covered what cosplay is, where it’s from, where you cosplay, and why we cosplay. It was very informative and by far my favorite part of the whole event!

Then Came the Fashion Show. There were Cosplays…

Visual K outfits…

And Lolita Outfits.

After the show there were Make-up Tutorials. These were my least favorive events of the night. All the girls had the same skin tone and eye shape. So, it really wasn’t a tutorial for everyone.

Afterward, there was a “Tea Party”… There were no seats, not enough snacks, and we had to make our own (Lipton) tea o.O.. This was definatly my least favorite part .

In total, i’d have to rate the event a 3 out of 5.

Kinokuniya’s Valentines Day Event Review

So, it’s that time of the year again! The time for the love birds to rejoyce and the lone wolfs to howl at the moon :’(. How was your valentines day weekend? Well, this weekend I hung out at Kinokuniya at their Valentines Day Anime and Manga Day. It was a pretty cool event.

The event started off on a bad note. It was overly crowded and LOUD! But after an hour (or two) It quieted down. The Soho Host Club Hosted a panel during the event in which they talked about how to be a gentalmen- one of the host even serenaded an event attendee *>.<*. The Apple Kissa Maid Cafe hosted their Dating game and about 3 people went home with a gift bag of candy and a pin- the prize for winning the dating game. And the winners of the sneaker battle had awesome designs that i couldn’t even have drempt of in a million years!!

Out of all, i’d have to rate this event 4.5 out of 5 rice balls. The only reason that .5 is missing is simply that the organization was not the best so many people didn’t know how to get sneakers to decorate. I cant wait for the next Kinokuniya event!! They never cease to

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