Upcoming Contact Review


Hey guys,

If you haven’t heard yet, Uniqso is an online store that sells anime, cosplay, and circle contact lenses. And  in about a week or so, i’ll be reviewing these kawaii contact lenses from Uniqso.com- and I Cant Wait!!!! Yep, you saw right, they’re Hello Kitty contact Lenses.  I’ll also be using them in a Lolita Make-Up Tutorial. So, make sure to check out Uniqso.com and pick up a pair so we can be twins! (If you do, make sure to buy two, because Uniqso sells it’s contacts individually).

We’re Back!!!

Now that the convention season is starting up again, we’re back and better than ever! Get ready for interviews that will knock your socks off, and our new videos as we follow Natsuki to some great conventions and events! Make sure to add us on Facebook to be in on all the Fun! Also, starting this year, all blog posts will be on this page- so that they are simpler to search- as well as in the blog sections on the top tab.