An Interview With Hiro Mashima

At this year’s New York Comic Con/ Anime Festival I got the chance to be a part of a group interview with the creator of Fairy Tail, one of my favorite Animes, Hiro Mashima and got to ask some questions….

Natsuki: What is your inspiration?

Hiro: The Fans! I want to make sure that I create characters and stories that my fans will like.

N: How long does it take you to create a chapter?

H: It depends on the chapter. I have to create one chapter a week- so never longer than that.

N: Did you already create this weeks?

H: I finshed three the other week, so that I could take off to be here.

N: Here’s a random question, what is your favorite food?


After the interview, Hiro commented on my cosplay and we all shared some laughs. Hiro’s inspiration of some characters come from people he’s has met in real life- so who knows, you just might see me in the next volume of Fair Tail!



Moe Moe Interview

After Reni Mimura’s last maid show at Amber Asian Cuisine, I had the chance to sit down and have a word with the Cosplay idol and ask her some questions…

Natsuki: What got You Started?

Reni: I wanted to bring Japanese Culture… a culture that is very polite. And I wanted to know everyone, and for everyone to know me!

N: How long has it been since you started?

R: It has been three years.

N: Has anything changed in those three years?

R: My performance is now about joy and togetherness… And there is a mix of types of songs.

N: Who Creates your songs?

R: Sato creates the Melody. I put in my opinion, and he creates it again. Then I create the lyrics.

N: Do you have any advice for fans who want to be idols, like you?

R: Don’t give up! Stay happy, and always say thank you J.

This has been the second interview I have had with Reni, and marks one year since I have know her. A lot has changed in the last year, but I am glad that she has not. You can find out more information on Reni Mimura and her maid shows at



Second Times A Charm

   At this year’s AnimeNEXT (2011), I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Vic Mignogna for the second time. And this time was even better than the first. Three other press representatives and I got the chance to meet Vic in his hotel suite- breath taking by the way- and got to ask him any questions we wanted answers to, within reason of course. The amazing thing wasn’t the interview itself how ever. What was much more interesting was the fact that he was in cosplay!

We then learned that this actually wasn’t his first time cosplaying. He has done many more- including an Ouran High School Host Club member and Edward Elric cosplay a fan lent to him. This time, however, he was cosplaying for a different reason…That reason, PROMOTION! Turns out Vic and a Visual K fashion designer are pairing up to create Visual K fashions for the everyday American!

I have heard many Anime fans saying that they don’t like Vic Mignogna- saying that he is a “jerk”…. I just don’t understand why. He is one of the most sweetest voice actors I have ever met. Not only is he open to pictures and sweet to fans, he also has a heart. Have you noticed that it’s extremely rare to see Vic host a masquerade? It’s because he doesn’t want to have to criticize a fan on their hard work.

Although it may be hard to be Vic Mignogna, he pulls through thatnks to the power of GOD. And for that, we applaud him.



“Piece of Cake”

I recently learned about an amazing crocheting genius named Twinkie Chan! She makes incredible crocheted pieces in the forms of kawaii foods! (Cause hey, you can’t spell incredible without edible.) I had the opportunity to interview this amazing entreprenuer, so without further wait…. I give you twinkie Chan!!!

Natsuki: How old are you?

Twinkie Chan: I’m 35!

N: Where are you from?

TC: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now I live in San Francisco proper, right by the ocean!

N: I first found out about you from your cupcake scarves. What other items do you make?

TC: I specialize in designing and crocheting TONS of different food-themed accessories. Cupcake scarves are just the beginning! J I like my creations to not only be cute, but also useful and/or wearable. I call this “cute-tility!” I’ve made tons of food scarves from cupcakes to t-bone steaks to green salads to cups of hot cocoa. I also make food-themed hair accessories, bags/purses/cute-tility packs, cozies for your phone, cozies for your coffee cups, cozies for tissue box cozies, jewelry, and sometimes I screen t-shirts or create crocheted appliqués for cardigans.

N: Why did you start creating your items?

TC: I started crocheting scarves in 2005 because I couldn’t find scarves that I wanted to wear. I started making a bunch of scarves for myself, and I had a lot of fun ideas, but I soon realized they were just piling up in my closet, unworn. That’s when I decided on a whim to build to sell my goodies and see what would happen! I had no idea that people would like them so much!

N: How did you learn to make your items?

TC: My best friend’s grandmother, Grandma Wendleton, taught us both to crochet when we were little. It was a craft that sort of stuck with me through the years, but I didn’t really start crocheting regularly until 2005. Now I get to crochet everyday!

N:How did you get started?

TC:  I didn’t really have a business plan or anything, because I never started crocheting to make money. I started crocheting to have fun! So every step of the way has sort of been off the cuff, and I’m learning as I go. I started selling on my website, but then I wanted to try out eBay. Selling on eBay worked out really well for me for the first few years, and people bid surprisingly high for my unique items. Now, I am happily selling on so that people other than just the highest bidders have the opportunity to wear my goodies.

N: What made you choose the name Twinkie Chan?

TC: I definitely wanted a memorable superhero craft name for my crafty alter ego, to separate my business from the day job I used to have. Chan is my mother’s maiden name, and Twinkie is not only a food reference, but is also a colloquial term for Asian kids who have grown up in America, a.k.a. “yellow on the outside, white on the inside.” I don’t expect ANYONE to get that joke when they hear my name, but I think it’s funny!

N: How long have you been going as Twinkie Chan?

TC: Since early 2005! The friends I’ve known since before then still call me by my legal name, but it seems now that new friends insist on calling me Twinkie . But I also go by Twinkie in business settings. It tends to prevent confusion!

Twinkie Chan attended college for English and Creative Writing and worked in publishing for 10 years prior to focusing on being Twinkie Chan! She is relaunching her mass-produced line, Yummy You early next year and she hopes to use Yummy You! to make signature designs more affordable and accesible! Her book, “Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies: 20 Yummy Treats to Wear” came out in Fall 2010 and is available everywhere books are sold.


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